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“BRIGHTMARES & DEADLINES: The Art Of Alex Pardee” (Third Printing).
 By Alex Pardee

136 pages
6.5 x 8.5 inches

“My first art book in over 6 years, this latest collection is a WonderTwins of sorts, a 2-for-one, featuring BOTH my collection of “BRIGHTMARE” paintings in full color (along with some short stories), as well as my collection of “DEAD-LINE” black and white drawings. Inspired by the idea of taking random mix tapes, hand-made zines, and happy children’s books, dump them in a blender, puree them on high, and then pour them all over the depths of my darkest nightmares, this new book is packed with over a hundred illustrations, most of which have not been published in my previous books. Also contained between the pages are some of my random short stories and monologues that have accompanied some of my characters and paintings over the years. I always loved adding an element of storytelling to my work, and with this book, I can finally showcase that additional layer to my world of weird-looking brightmares and downtrodden outcasts.”

The first half of the book is all in full color, then flip it over, and you have an entirely different book, all in black and white. 2 books in one!

Note: Everything is the same as the first printing except a notation of "Third Printing" inside. The photos attached show BOTH the front and the back covers of the book. These are not two separate books. You are purchasing only ONE book. Thanks!